How do I join

Simply go to the home page and enter your email to start the easy join process.

It's easy to join and start saving on all your online shopping — before, during, and after your purchases. In just three easy steps, you can start taking advantage of all the member benefits, including 10% cash back on purchases from over 1,000 retailers, free shipping, free return shipping, coupons, and more.

To join, simply go to on your computer or other device, and click "join" at the top of the page or enter your email address in the registration box. Then, just complete the simple form to become a member.

Step 1: Enter your name, address, and an email address (this will be your user name).

Step 2: Create a password for your log in. Acceptable passwords must have at least five characters.

Step 3: Enter your credit or debit card information, and check the box to agree to the Offer Details and Terms of Use and Service.

Why do I need to enter credit/debit card information?

You need to enter your credit or debit card information to pay the monthly membership fee. Only members can access all benefits when they shop online. If you sign up and decide it's not a fit for you, you can cancel at any time by logging into your account.