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Cash Back

Who doesn't like to get money for doing something you were going to do anyway? That's how easy it is to earn cash back when shopping at You earn money shopping for the things you normally buy. Whether it’s back-to-school clothes, electronics, books, or a gift basket for a co-worker's birthday, all you have to do is shop — you’ll earn 10% cash back automatically!

What Is Cash Back?

When you purchase an item from a retailer in our cash-back network, you receive 10% of that purchase price back (minus taxes and other fees). This isn’t credit towards another purchase or a gift card. You receive a check in the mail from monthly, up to a maximum of $1,000 every membership year.

How Does Cash Back Shopping Work?

You must have an active membership account. Log into, and use our search bar to find any retailer in our program. For a purchase to be eligible for the 10% cash-back benefit, you must make your purchase using the direct link from the retailer's page to the retailer’s website. Each retailer participating in the 10% cash-back program will have a headline on its page telling you that you can earn cash back on purchases from that retailer.

Cash Back FAQs

There are a few important things you need to know about the 10% cash-back benefit. If you have additional questions after reading through this list, please see our Terms of Service.

  • Qualifying purchases must be made through U.S.-based websites.
  • If your purchase is being shipped to Canada and you're redirected to the retailer's Canadian site, it will not qualify for 10% cash back.
  • You must follow the link to connect to the retailer's site and then use the browser window that opens to complete the qualifying purchase during that same session. If you log out before completing the order, it may not qualify for cash back.
  • Returned or canceled orders are not eligible for cash back.
  • If you buy a gift card or e-gift card online through one of our cash-back network retailers, it is not eligible for cash back.
  • Purchases made with gift cards, store credit, and store cash don't qualify for 10% cash back.
  • The 10% cash-back offer applies to the sub-total amount of the purchase. It doesn't include the amount you pay for tax or other charges.

Keeping Track of Cash Back

It's easy to check and review the status of any cash-back purchase. Your 10% cash-back totals appear in your Savings Center account. Your cash back earnings are mailed to you in the form of a check every month, directly from