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Price Protection

Saving money with free shipping, cash back on purchases, and exclusive retailer coupons are just some of the deals available at We also offer price protection on every purchase made through our network of more than 1,000 retailers.

What Is Price Protection? members enjoy many benefits that help them save money when shopping online. With price protection, anytime you make an online purchase through and then find an identical item advertised at a lower price within 90 days of your original purchase, you can get a cash rebate of up to $100 of the difference.

What Qualifies for Price Protection?

We like to make your online shopping experience as hassle-free as possible. Here's what you need to know about qualifying purchases for our exclusive price protection program:

  • The original product must have been purchased online.
  • The original purchase must have been paid for in U.S. dollars.
  • The lower-priced item must be sold at an online or offline retailer that sells consumer goods to the general public on a regular basis.
  • The lower-priced item must be exactly the same as the original product purchased, including having the same model number, features, accessories, size, color, and warranty.

Are There Price Protection Exclusions?

There are a few exclusions, including:

  • Damaged, discontinued, used, refurbished, demo models, or going-out-of-business sale items;
  • Food products, tires, motorized vehicles, and other items listed in our Terms of Service;
  • Any product purchased for commercial or professional use and/or resale purposes; and
  • Differences in price due to shipping, handling, rebates, coupons, taxes, or typographical errors.

If you used a coupon, rebate, or other incentives, like 10% cash back, at the time of the original product's purchase, those discounts are considered when determining the price you paid for the item.

How Do I Make a Price Protection Claim?

Under the "Rebates" tab of your account, select the "Price Protection Rebate" claim form. Fill it out completely, submit it electronically, then provide the requested documentation by email or regular mail. See our Terms of Service for any questions regarding documentation requirements. It takes about three to six weeks for price protection rebates to be processed. In the meantime, you can continue to shop for great deals and always enjoy free shipping.