How do Shipping Rebates work?

Shipping Rebates allow members to get their money back when they have to pay a shipping fee.

Free shipping rebates give members the freedom to shop where they choose without worrying about if the site offers free shipping or not. Members can submit a shipping rebate of up to $10 for any shipping fee they had to pay when shopping at over 1,000 sites on

What is a Shipping Rebate?

A free shipping rebate is a payment of up to $10 that members can get back on any shipping fees they incur while shopping online.

Shopping through the retailers on gives you the option to submit a rebate for your shipping charges. Since members can claim up to $10 on any shipping charge, that includes upgraded shipping. For instance, if a retailer offers free standard shipping for your purchase but you want your items faster, you can select any level of shipping and still qualify for a rebate of up to $10 on that charge.

What about Return Shipping?

Members can also submit return shipping rebates through Sometimes shopping online can be a gamble, especially when it comes to clothes or shoes. It may be the wrong size or color, or it may even arrive damaged. So, with a membership, if you need to pay to return something, you can submit a rebate claim for up to $10 or print a free return label right on

If you purchased the item from a retailer not listed on our site — no worries! It's still eligible for our return shipping rebates.