What do the terms “Pending”, “Paid”, and “Declined” mean?

You can review the status of your 10% cash back earnings whenever you want by checking your Savings Center account. We categorize your earnings in one of four ways:

  • "Pending" indicates that we've received notification from an online retailer that a purchase which qualifies for 10% cash back has been shipped.
  • "Paid" means that we've sent out payment for those purchases that have earned you 10% cash back. Your Cash-Back Savings account shows a history of your 10% cash-back earnings throughout your membership, so your "Paid" purchases could stretch back to the first day of your membership.
  • "Declined" indicates that your activity didn't meet the criteria needed to qualify for a payout (for example, you won't earn cash back on a purchase if you return the item or if your purchase is "shipped to store" rather than to a residential, non-retail location).