Why Didn't I Earn Cash Back on my Purchase?

If you made a purchase but don’t see your Cash Back after 5-7 days,  a few things could have caused this:

Ineligible Items

Some retailers have Cash Back restrictions on certain items or purchases. Most commonly,

Cash Back is ineligible on Apple products, purchases of gift cards, and purchases paid for with gift cards. Before you shop, click the cash back restrictions link on the retailer page to ensure your purchase is eligible.

Browser Extensions, Plugins, & Outside Coupons

When you use a browser extension, shopping plugin, or coupon code that’s not from FreeShipping.com, it interferes with our Cash Back process. Before you shop, be sure to turn off any extensions or plugins on your browser. Make sure your coupon codes are from FreeShipping.com and not from an outside source or private email offer.

Interrupted Shopping Sessions

When you visit a retailer through FreeShipping.com, your shopping session starts as soon as you click “Shop Now.” We’ll automatically open the website in a new tab so you can shop. For Cash Back to work, you’ll have to shop and complete your purchase in that same tab from start to finish. If you visit a different site, open multiple tabs, or type in a new URL, we lose the ability to track your purchase.

In-Store Pick Ups

Cash Back for in-store pickups is only available at select retailers. Check for the “In-Store Pickup” icon on the retailer page before clicking through to shop. 

Returned or Cancelled Orders

Returning items or cancelling your order before it arrives makes your purchase ineligible for Cash Back. Once the retailer processes your return or cancellation request, we’ll get notified that your purchase is no longer active.

If none of these guidelines apply to your purchase and you’re still not seeing your Cash Back, you can Report Missing Cash Back, and our Customer Service team will look into the issue.