What are FreeShipping.com’s payout methods—and how do I choose?

FreeShipping.com offers two ways to receive your savings payouts: by check or directly to your PayPal account. Both choices are sent monthly on payout day—and you can choose or change your preferred payout anytime right here: https://www.freeshipping.com/account/payout-type.

If you prefer to get a check in the mail, we’ll be sending it via USPS to the address on file here: https://www.freeshipping.com/address.

If you’d like to get your payment a little faster, we recommend choosing PayPal—and your payment will be issued to the PayPal email address you choose here: https://www.freeshipping.com/account/payout-type.

A quick note: If you choose PayPal, earnings made through FreeShipping.com are similar to rebates, which are generally understood to be nontaxable. If you are awarded $600 or more using the PayPal account method, then PayPal may, in its complete and sole discretion, provide you with paperwork to report your earnings as deemed necessary. If you have questions about PayPal and tax reporting, please contact PayPal customer support or visit https://www.paypal.com/us/home.