How does earning 10% Cash Back help me save?

Shopping with 10% cash back makes deal-hunting easier. You can get 10% cash back on top of sale prices. members earn 10% cash back on almost every purchase they make online. Whether it’s a new television set for the family room, that perfect pair of shoes for date night, or a gift for someone special, members earn at least 10% cash back on purchases at over 1,000 top retailers.

Simply shop at any of the retailers on to earn cash back on your purchases. There are more than 1,000 diverse retailers to choose from, including popular stores like Sears, Lowe’s, Macy's, Kohl’s and more.

Will I always earn 10% Cash Back?

All members earn 10% cash back when they shop through the directory of retailers. When it counts the most, around the holidays and on special occasions, has special promotions that double the standard 10% cash back to 20% for a limited time. So, whether you need to purchase a gift or just something nice for yourself, you’ll get even higher cash back during those times.

How do I earn 10% Cash Back?

Members earn 10% cash back on purchases made through at the sites they already know and love. In order to earn 10% cash back, members need to log into, find the retailers they’d like to shop with, and click the “Visit Store” button. A new window with that retailer’s site will pop open; just make a purchase through that window, and after the purchase is complete, we’ll automatically add 10% cash back to your Savings Center.

Ensure you'll get 10% Cash Back on your purchases.

If you visit a retailer by typing the URL into your browser or another method besides clicking the “Visit Store” button when you log in to, your purchase won’t be confirmed, and your 10% cash-back earnings won’t show up in your Savings Center.

When you search for a retailer on, we’ll tell you right away if your purchase will be eligible for 10% cash back to leave the guesswork out of it. Once you’ve navigated to the retailer page on, just click the “Visit Store” button, and make your purchase through the new window. members can earn up to $1,000 per membership year in cash-back savings. When you shop, earnings are automatically added to your Savings Center once we receive notification of your completed purchase. You'll receive a monthly payout.

For a complete list of cash-back qualifications, exclusions, and additional details, please see our Terms of Service.