What is a FreeShipping.com rebate?

A FreeShipping.com rebate can be a rebate for shipping fees, return shipping fees, or price protection.

In addition to earning 10% cash back at sites like Walmart, Kohl’s, Best Buy, and more, FreeShipping.com members are eligible for various types of rebates. Members can submit rebates for shipping charges, return shipping charges, and even price protection if they find a better price on an item they just purchased.

How do I get shipping rebates?

Simply shop through FreeShipping.com at your favorite retailers using the “Visit Store” button, and make your purchase using the new browser window. Once you’ve made your purchase, log into FreeShipping.com, click the "Rebates" tab, and follow the instructions to submit your rebate and get back up to $10 per shipping charge.

How do I know if my purchase is eligible?

For a purchase to be eligible for a shipping rebate, it must be made at one of the retailers on FreeShipping.com; just click the "Visit Store" button, and make your purchase through the retailer’s site that opens in the new window.

How many shipping rebates can I claim?

You can claim up to $500 in total shipping rebates per membership year. Rebates that are submitted and approved will be paid every month.

What's a return shipping rebate?

FreeShipping.com members who need to pay a return shipping fee can submit a return shipping rebate claim and get back up to $10 for each return, whether the purchase was made through FreeShipping.com or not. Return shipping rebates must be made within 60 days of the original purchase.

Where do I make a return shipping rebate?

Members submit return shipping rebates through the "Rebates" tab on FreeShipping.com. Members can get up to $500 in return shipping rebates per membership year.

For complete details on FreeShipping.com shipping and return shipping rebates, review the site's Terms of Service.

What's a price protection rebate?

Prices change and things go on sale after you’ve made a purchase. FreeShipping.com members can submit a price protection rebate claim of up to $100, so when the price of a recent purchase drops, you can get back the difference.